Membership Information


Steps for joining the Jefferson County IWLA

  1. Applicants must be present at a meeting during the months January through July. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month. The club is open to the public @ 6:00 pm. A meal is available at 6:30 at a cost of $5.00. The board members meet at 7:00 pm. The meeting starts at 7:30 pm
  2. Obtain an application and member release statement prior to 7:30 from Jeff Welch (Club VP). or Bob Winters (Membership Dues Recipient).
  3. Complete the application and member release statement, then return them to Jeff Welch or Bob Winters
  4. Applicant’s acceptance to the club will be voted on by members during the meeting.
  5. If accepted applicants receive an orientation from Jeff Welch when the meeting is adjourned.
  6. Applicants pay membership fee to Bob Winters.
    1. The fee is $300, it includes initiation fee, chapter dues, national dues and state dues.
    2. The preferred payment method is by check or money order payable to Jefferson County IWLA
    3. The exact amount of cash is also accepted.
    4. Credit Card payment is NOT accepted.
  7. The new Member will receive a temporary membership card.
  8. A permanent card will be mailed after it is received from the National IWLA
  9. New Members must complete 8 hours of volunteer work within 1 year of joining the club.
    1. For example: Joined May 5, 2017 must complete by May 5, 2018
    2. If 8 hours is not completed the member will not be invited to renew at $100. If this occurs the only way to be a member would be to join again paying the $300 fee.
  10. New Members must attend a Range Officers training class before they can use any of the ranges.
  11. Range Officers classes are held the Saturday following the Tuesday that they join.

Steps for completing Volunteer Work

  1. Contact one of the following Committee Chairman and schedule a work date and time.
    1. Conservation – Darrell Propst (304) 724-1141 (304) 261-4847
    2. Ponds – Harry Jacobs (304) 279-5060
    3. Rifle Ranges – Scott Lowther (304) 839-8703
    4. .22 Rifle Range – Gerald Bonanno (973) 534-4280
    5. Steel Plate Ranges – Gerald Bonanno (973) 534-4280
    6. House/Kitchen – Larry Bowers (304) 724-5178
    7. Cast Bullets – Scott Lowther (304) 839-8703
    8. Pistol Range 25 yd and Buildings & Grounds – Richard Wenger (304) 671-4202
    9. Skeet – Mark Outhier (304) 267-6943
    10. Trap – Larry Bowers (304) 724-5178
  2. Complete work cards located on the top of the cabinet next to the back door of the meeting room with the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Date Joined
    3. Brief Work Description
    4. Number of hours worked
    5. Mailing Address
    6. Phone Number
    7. Work coordinator’s signature
  3. Place the completed work card in the work hours’ box located on top of the cabinet next to back door of the meeting room.
  4. The Membership Dues Recipient (Bob Winters) will keep a tally of hours worked.