Groundhog shoot

Members and friends, this a fun shoot for anyone wishing to try out there 22RF rifles at longer distance. Our prairie dog target is on a 8×11 paper and will shot at 100 yards. Our groundhog target is on a 11×17 paper and will be shot at 200 yards. All shooting is from the bench. Bring 75 to 100 rounds of factory ammo and any bench gear you’ll need. ( sand bags, by-bods, front rest, rear bag , spotting scope , etc. ) Due to time we will limit this shoot to twenty shooters. A sign up sheet will be in the club house and also a copy of our targets. Please take time to zero your rifles so you have and idea of how many clicks of adjustment from 100 to 200 yards. We will give a ten minute sight in before each distance relay start. Number of relays undecided. Minimum two maximum four each distance. A maximum fee of $10 per shooter will be charged.

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